Eradicate the Fear of Cancer by fighting together with a mission to win.

Transportation : Samaritan project gives free ride to cancer patients to and back from chemo and radiation.

Water, Meal & Masks: Delivering water, Meal and Masks to needy cancer patients who are currently in chemo and are not supposed to be in public place.

Support : Free seminar on diet and nutrition, alternative & complimentary therapy, cancer care to promote awareness and continue good health.

Prayer : Once a month free meetup for Yoga, meditation & Bible Studies.

Videos : We make PSA videos for Cancer awareness and on the current progress in oncology that is almost making cancer a chronic illness instead of the frightening terminal disease that it is known to be.

If you or anyone you know need support and wish to participate in the program or volunteer, please contact us asap.


Eradicate Poverty in the Third World Countries.

Education : Provide funds to support education of poor slum kids so they can be kept off the streets and not get into criminal activities.

Support : Provide funds to support the talent of poor kids so they can pursue their dreams and pay it forward.

Shoes : Provide shoes for the rickshawpullers, cartpullers & poor working class people who keep running across the streets with a heavy risk of injury while carrying hundreds of pounds on their shoulder.

Videos : We distribute promotional videos to make people aware of the living conditions of kids and adults in India, Africa and certain other third world countries, expecting solutions that can help these below-poverty-line families reach human living standard.

Food : We are currently trying to help organize foodbank for the poor people in India with the help of local humanitarian groups and we will request donations to kickstart it.

If you wish to be a part of this mission, please contact us by email or share the word.


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